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Dog Food

Find the top quality and affordable dog food at Pet Lovers Centre, Singapore’s go-to online source for superior dog nutrition. Our wide selection of dog food from renowned brands caters to every taste and dietary need, ensuring each meal contributes to your dog’s health and joy.

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The path to your dog's wellness is paved with the food they eat. At Pet Lovers Centre, we understand that each meal shapes their tomorrow. That is why we have carefully selected a range of dog food that meets the highest standards of nutrition and quality. 

Our shelves are home to renowned brands of dog food like Pedigree, Orijen, Royal Canin, Fish4Dogs, and more – each offering tailored nutrition for dogs of all breeds and life stages. 

Navigating through our array of choices, you will notice our commitment to quality — clear, named ingredients without the obscurity of by-products or unnecessary fillers. We avoid artificial additives and prioritise natural, beneficial components that support your dog's health, vitality, and taste enjoyment.

At Pet Lovers Centre, every dog food option we present is more than just sustenance; it is part of a lifestyle choice for conscientious pet parents who want the best for their canine family members. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Food 

What is the best dog food?

The "best" dog food varies for each pet and depends on a range of factors, including your dog's life stage, breed, and specific health needs. At Pet Lovers Centre, we offer a diverse assortment of high-quality dog foods from renowned pet brands, featuring wholesome protein sources like chicken, beef, lamb, and fish to cater to different preferences. Finding the perfect fit for your dog might seem daunting, but we are here to help. 

For personalised advice, we recommend consulting with a veterinarian who can guide you based on your dog's individual requirements.

How much food do you feed dogs?

The amount of food that your dog needs will vary according to his age, size and activity level.

The goal is to supply them with the necessary energy and nutrients without overfeeding, which can lead to obesity. Even treats, while enjoyable, should be factored into their daily calorie intake and given sparingly. 

For the most accurate advice, it is best to consult with a vet who can provide guidelines specific to your dog's dietary needs.

What can I put on top of dog food? 

To add a little extra flavour and nutrition to your dog's regular meals, consider these wholesome dog food toppers:

Vegetables: Nutritious veggies like carrots, green beans, or peas can be steamed or boiled and added to your dog’s kibble. They are full of vitamins and fibre and make a healthy addition as long as they are served plain and without any added fats or seasonings.

Specialty Dog Food Toppers: There are also specially formulated dog food toppers available in the market that are designed to complement your dog's nutrition with added flavours that dogs love.

Dog-Safe Broths: A splash of low-sodium chicken or beef broth for dogs can moisten dry food, making it more appetising for picky eaters. It is also a simple way to increase your pet's water intake, which can be beneficial for hydration.

Remember to introduce new toppings gradually and keep portions appropriate to maintain a balanced diet and prevent weight gain. If your dog has dietary restrictions or health issues, it would be wise to consult with a veterinarian before adding new items to their food.

Why is my dog not eating his food but will eat treats?

If your dog prefers treats over their usual kibble, it could be due to stress or changes in their daily life. They might also have a tummy upset that makes regular food less tempting. Keeping meal times regular and offering a range of nutritious foods can help. 

For more tips, you can always take a look at our blog post on why your dog is not eating his food but will eat treats

Is wet or dry food better for dogs?

Whether wet or dry food is better for your dog might depend on their individual health and lifestyle. Wet food for dogs, also known as canned food, is rich in moisture. This makes it a good choice for active dogs, seniors, or any pup needing extra hydration. Plus, wet food is also gentle on the system for dogs recovering from illness.

On the other hand, dry dog food like kibbles, can help maintain dental health due to its abrasive texture aiding in cleaning teeth, though it might be challenging for dogs with dental issues to consume. 

Ultimately, the best choice may involve a combination of both, ensuring your dog's hydration and dental health are both taken care of. It is always a good idea to consult with your vet for a personalised recommendation.