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At Pet Lovers Centre (PLC), we offer you more savings on bulk purchases. At a very nominal charge of only $3.80 per bag, you also have the option to have your selected bulk purchases repackaged for your convenience while maintaining the quality and freshness of your pet food.

The process is done in a special controlled packing room with machinery, environment, and staff adhering to strict standards and guidelines. The volume-packing machine invested for this purpose will, for example, produce approximately 48-55 small packs, each of 200-250g, from a bulk 12kg bag, depending on kibble types.

The manpower effort, cost of machinery, as well as maintenance of the premises and environment far outweigh the token sum you pay to ensure that your pet food is properly packed for your pet's consumption.

Please note that Singapore’s Feeding Stuffs Act prohibits the repacking of commercially-imported pet food due to:
i. Loss of wholesomeness and freshness
ii. Risk of contamination

However, per the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) advisory notice dated 20 January 2012, repacking done for individual customers is allowed if its guidelines are followed.

In compliance with the aforesaid legislation and advisory notice, PLC has instituted its Repacking Policy as follows:

  1. Any warranty or guarantee on the quality or function of the pet food will be null and void for the repacked pet food. 
  2. All repacked pet food is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  3. PLC will not be held responsible for any damage, refund, claim or liability whatsoever, including but not limited to illness or death arising out of or in connection with the repacked pet food.
  4. Please refer to the original packaging for the expiry date.
  5. Repacked date is only for your reference and can be found printed on each individual pack.
  6. The repacking service is only applicable for selected dry pet food that weighs 5kg and above. The following brands are excluded from the repacking services: 1st Choice, AATU, Almo Nature, Barking Heads, Black Hawk, Burp!, Canagan, Canine Caviar, Fish4Cats, Fish4Dogs, Fisherman’s Daughter, Grandma Mae’s, ITIPET, Kiwi Kitchens, Little Big Paw, Meowing Heads, Nature's Hug, Open Farm, Pronature, Sunday Pets, Vigor & Sage.

Our repacking service does not currently apply to exclusive brands. For a list of these brands, please visit the Brands Our Customers Love webpage. 

Please be informed that for any machine-repacked pet food:

  • Each pack is estimated to be of similar size/weight, except for the final pack which may not be the same due to the residual content.
  • Packs will be restored in original packaging as far as possible. In the event that space is constrained, repacked pet food will be stored in a separate packaging.

While cross-contamination is minimised as much as possible, this product is repacked in a facility where other brands of pet food are also handled. 
* Policy updated on 06 May 2024