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Recommended Pet Taxi: Pampered Pets 

Established in 2010, Pampered Pets Relocation & Lodging started out as a pet taxi service. This professional service aims to help pet parents and their pets get around efficiently and conveniently.

Today, we offer other pet transport and boarding services including pet relocation and dog boarding and daycare.

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Pampered Pets is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), a group of international pet relocation companies.  

To become a member of IPATA, companies must first pass the rigorous membership requirements of the organisation. Thus, only a few pet transport companies in Singapore have qualified. 

Our team at Pampered Pets guarantees that customers will receive phenomenal service and exclusive access to leading providers in the industry. 


Mondays – Saturdays $40 – $80 (round trip)
Sundays and Public Holidays $15 surcharge
Multiple dogs $5 per additional dog
Waiting at the vet $5 surcharge per every 30 mins

Give your furry friend a ride in style! Book a pet taxi appointment* today.
*Kindly note that reservations are to be made at least 24 hours in advance.

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Reasons to hire a pet taxi 

In Singapore, pets are not allowed on public transport. Regular taxis may also reject transporting pets in fear of potty accidents.

Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional pet taxi service to transport your pet to and from your destination. Some common trips include going to 

Benefits of hiring a pet taxi

Safe transportation

Our drivers at Pampered Pets are equipped with the knowledge and experience to transport your pet safely. Enjoy the convenience of a fuss-free transportation while knowing that your pet is in the hands of a seasoned professional.

Attend appointments punctually

Pet taxi services are especially crucial to attend scheduled appointments on time. This may include going to the vet, going for grooming services or attending pet shows.

Opportunity to socialise and exercise

Being able to go outdoors presents a great opportunity to socialise and exercise for pets. This ensures that your pet has a well-balanced life and even helps to build confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Singapore taxi allow pets?

Pets are not allowed on public transport (buses, MRT and LRT) in Singapore. Thus, pet parents who do not own a car will have to take a taxi. 

However, most taxi drivers are not willing to take passengers with pets, especially if you have a big dog or more than one pet.

Therefore, pet parents are encouraged to book a professional pet taxi service in advance. This ensures safety, convenience and punctuality.

Do I need to make an advanced appointment for pet taxi services?

Yes, you have to schedule an appointment with us at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to prepare the logistics and manpower and ensure that your pet has a safe ride.

How can I prepare my pet before the taxi ride?

Ensure that 

  • you do not feed your pet too much food or water before the ride.

  • your pet has gone to the toilet before the ride.

  • your pet is comfortable in a crate.

Need a reliable and safe way to transport your pet? Schedule a pet taxi appointment today!

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