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Pet Movers

Relocation can get really stressful, especially when you have a pet at home. However, that shouldn’t hold you back from experiencing a different environment that can bring you new opportunities!

A professional pet mover can help to take some load off your shoulders. With this, all it takes for a smooth relocation is some research to remain well-informed and ready to take on any obstacle prior to, during and after the move.

Recommended Pet Mover - Pampered Pets Relocation 

About Pampered Pets

As a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), Pampered Pets Relocation is one of the best pet movers in Singapore.

All partners of the IPATA have been verified to provide the best services with their extensive expert knowledge of the procedures and regulations. They also adhere to the Live Animals Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), further accrediting their reliability.

Pampered Pets Relocation is one of the Approved Pet Travel Specialist with QANTAS FREIGHT. 

Departure and Transit Services

• Before departure

Before your pet boards the plane and departs for his new home, our pet movers will be there to assure and comfort your pet. We will also check to ensure that your pet’s flight kennel is safe and comfortable for their journey.

• During transit

If there is a layover, our pet movers will feed, walk and care for your pet. We will also clean the flight kennel so your pet can have a comfortable flight.

Services Upon Arrival

With Pampered Pets Relocation, you can be rest assured of your pet’s comfort. Their relocation also includes the following services:

• Personal welcome for your pet upon arrival

Our pet mover will be there to welcome your pet once he touches down.

• Customs clearance

We will personally accompany your pet through the clearing of customs to ensure that your pet feels safe and calm during the process.

• Comfort stops for feeding, walking and other necessities

During the journey, we will make stops to feed and walk your pet and offer him toilet breaks whenever necessary.

• Quarantine arrangements

We will help to facilitate the process if your pet requires quarantine arrangements. We will also be present during the checks to ensure that he feels safe and assured.

• Visitation and exercise

If your pet has to be quarantined, our pet movers will visit your pet to make sure that he gets the love and care that he needs.

• Transport to new home

If your pet does not have to be quarantined, we will bring your pet directly to his new home! Rest assured that we will arrange for safe and reliable transportation from the airport to your home.

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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Pet Mover 

• Knowledge and Expertise

Professional pet movers are experienced in this area, having handled a variety of relocation cases. 

Some crucial details that they’d be able to advise you on include

✔ Pet-friendly airlines
✔ Airline-approved crates and appropriate size for your pet
✔ Pet relocation restrictions administered by airlines e.g. number of pets allowed, weather conditions etc
✔ Most suitable flight itinerary
✔ Documentation required

• Handling Documentation and Paperwork

After dealing with the hassle of reading all the rules and regulations by yourself, you still have to get all the necessary paperwork ready. Pet movers, on the other hand, will provide you with a list of documentation you need. In some cases, they may even settle everything on your behalf.

• Compulsory for Certain Countries

Countries such as Australia will require your pet to be professionally relocated to prevent any complications. In this scenario, you will have to hire a pet mover to handle the move for you.  

Things to Know Before Relocating Your Pet 

Tip 1: Purchase a suitable crate as soon as possible

• Take measurements of your pet’s width and height before shopping for a crate

• Ensure that the crate is airline-approved

• After you’ve made your purchase, conduct some crate training with your pet to allow him to accustom to it

Tip 2: Get your pet vaccinated

• Consult a veterinarian who’s familiar with pet relocation to get a list of necessary documentation

• Get a detailed medical check-up

• Keep a full report of your pet’s medical history on hand for easy reference for your new vet

Tip 3: Place familiar elements in your new home

• Avoid introducing too many new things to your pet e.g. keep the brand of food and type of bedding the same

• Contact a reputable vet beforehand to do a medical check-up upon arrival

Frequently Asked Questions

Is flying safe for my pet?

Flying is generally safe for pets. However, you are encouraged to get a detailed medical checkup for your pet before it flies.

How much will it cost to fly my pet?

The cost of flying your pet will depend on the airline, your destination and the weight of your pet and its kennel.

You can fill up the relocation form above and we will get in touch with you.

Which airlines allow pets to be transported?

With the exception of Silk Air, full-service carriers allow pets to be transported. Low-cost carriers are not pet-friendly.

Where will my pet be kept on a plane?

Depending on the airline and your pet, he will either travel as checked baggage or in the cargo area.

Should I sedate my pet for the plane ride?

The American Veterinary Medical Association and IPATA strongly discourage pet owners from sedating their pets for air travel. Instead, the IPATA recommends pet owners to acclimatise their pets to their flight kennel before the trip.

Will my pet be fed during the plane ride?

Your pet will be fed after it disembarks from the plane as our pet movers are not allowed to be with the pets during the plane ride.

Are snub-nose dogs safe for air travel?

Air travel is riskier for snub-nose dogs as their respiratory problems may worsen at high altitudes. They are also more likely to experience heat-related issues.

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