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Pets Magazine is a quarterly publication that endears to the heart and soul of animal lovers. As the top animal-interest magazine in Singapore, Pets Magazine fulfils the interests of today's discerning pet owners through articles that inspire, enlighten, educate and entertain.

Pets Magazine is Singapore's only media platform catering to pet lovers and businesses. Being the only lifestyle magazine in Singapore providing information for pet owners, the team is seeking new partners to contribute to our platform. Thus, we can provide the best content for a growing fanbase in Singapore. The well-read magazine covers topics from proper healthcare to training routines for your pet. We value accurate information and have always looked to stay updated with the latest trends. Also, we find facts from the right experts.

Pets Magazine is where you can find the best product recommendations, the trendiest pet-friendly places to visit and informative pet care guides. Stay updated with the latest pet events in Singapore, and join us as we interview celebrities to learn more about their lives with fur kids!

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Singapore's only media platform for pet lovers and pet businesses

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Get tips from proper healthcare to right training routines for pets

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News and latest updates within the pets community


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