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Fish4Dogs is an award-winning company that produces fish dog food and treats using premium fish. There are abundant benefits for pets to consume fish, including strengthening of brain development, easing of digestion and enhancing skin and coat health.


With the knowledge that most dogs may be allergic to ingesting grain, Fish4Dogs uses substitute ingredients such as potatoes and peas to help your dog feel fuller for a longer time, which aids in weight control and maintaining a balanced Glycemic Index as well. To date, Fish4Dogs products have gotten 2,000 positive reviews from verified buyers, with an average rating of 4.85 out of 5 stars. This is an impressive testament to the popularity of their delicious fish dog food!

As the original brand pioneering fish as the ‘perfect protein’ for our canine companions we are delighted to receive three prestigious accolades in the Your Dog Product Awards 2024, the UK’s leading dog magazine.

WINNER of Your Dog Best Dry Complete Food 2024 – Fish4Dogs Finest Complete Range

WINNER of Your Dog Best Treat 2024 – Fish4Dogs Dental Sea Jerky Range 

HIGHLY COMMENDED Your Dog Product You Couldn’t Live Without 2024 – Fish4Dogs Dental Sea Jerky Range

Shop the winning products below to discover why dog-loving magazine readers love our food and treats so much!



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