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Dog Doors

Let your pet move freely with our wide collection of dog doors at Pet Lovers Centre. We have the best dog doors that you will find in Singapore, with products from award-winning trustworthy brands such as Lucky Baby, Savic and Pet Prime for you to choose from. Browse our selection below!

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Having a door or flap might be scary for your dog initially since he is not used to having it there and may not be able to see what is at the other side if the door is opaque. In order to help your dog accustom to it, leave the door flap open and repeat the process of going back and forth through the door with him by calling his name from the other end. Reward him with dog treats when he does it successfully as part of positive reinforcement.

On top of that, it is essential to measure your dog accurately so that you are able to purchase an appropriately-sized door and install it at the right height for your dog to go over with ease.

Dog doors help your canine companion feel more at home since he now has the freedom to move around the house and in and out of his dog cage when he wants to. With PLC’s collection, you will definitely find the perfect door for your dog.