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Dog pee pads


Dog pee pads are useful and convenient tools for your pet to relieve themselves indoors. While they are typically used for potty training puppies, they are also ideal for older dogs with health issues that are unable to go outdoors.

At Pet Lovers Centre (PLC), we have an assortment of wee pads for dogs such as charcoal and unscented ones to cater to your needs. We carry brands such as Trustie, Savic and My Potty Pad for your convenience.

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Potty training your dog is a great step for developing good habits. The trick to teaching your dog to pee on pads is to create a routine by having regular mealtimes and a regular potty schedule.

After making sure that your dog relieves itself on the pee pad, reward him with dog treats. This helps him to draw positive associations to the experience and to reinforce the desired behavior.

These are some of the favourable qualities you should look for in a dog pee pad:
● Quick absorption and drying
● Very absorbent
● Leak-proof
● Odour control
● Made with hypoallergenic material, especially for pets with sensitive skin

If you wish to take cost-effectiveness and environmental impact into account, you may consider getting reusable/washable training pee pads.

At PLC, we seek to provide the best services and products for your pet care needs. Shop with us today for quick delivery and satisfaction guaranteed.