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Dog car seats

When driving with your dog in the car, it is crucial to ensure his safety and comfort while you are focusing on the road. The dog car seats we have here at Pet Lovers Centre are guaranteed to be of high quality and the right size for your precious companion. Featuring popular brands like All For Paws, we have the safest dog car seats just for you!

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A car is designed to be safe for humans to use as all safety features such as the seats and airbags are made based on our weight and body position. Hence, there is a need for pet owners to keep your dog safe and calm during the trip, using dog accessories such as car seats. The perfect dog car seat would ideally be secure yet comfortable for your dog, while allowing good ventilation. On top of that, to allow for a smoother trip, have things like dog poop bags, dog toys and some of your dog’s favourite treats ready in the car so that they are within reach when you need them.

With many years of experience in the pet care retail industry, PLC is able to offer the best pet products from all over the world. Shop all your pet necessities with us today!