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Bulk Order Promotions

At Pet Lovers Centre, we carry a wide variety of high-quality products designed to meet your pet’s needs. To ensure that they always get the best, you can order our products in bulk for a discounted price!
Some of our products include:

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$1 OFF Cat Dry Food
$2.50 Off Dry Food
Almo Nature Cat Pouch Food MOP
Almo Nature Cat Canned Food
Almo Nature Dog Canned Food
Almo Nature HFC Dog Canned Promo
Almo Nature HFC Cat Canned Promo
Almo Nature HQS Complete Cat Can Food
Applaws Cat Pouch MOP
Applaws Cat Canned Food 156g MOP
Applaws Dog Can Food 156g MOP
Applaws Cat Food Promotion
Black Hawk Dog Canned 100g MOP
Black Hawk Dog Can 400g MOP
Black Hawk Cat Pouch
Burp! Dog Canned 100g
Burp! Dog Canned Food 156g
Burp! Tuna Cat Canned Food
Burp! Premium Cat Can MOP
Burp! Fillet Treats MOP
Burp Cat Mousse MOP
Burp! Cat Pouch MOP
Burp! Cat Treats MOP
Burp! Dry Food MOP
Burp SA Food
Burp! SA Treat
Burp! Poultry Treats
Byopet MBC
Canagan Dog Dry Food MOP
Canine Caviar Dog Dry MOP
Chogong Dog & Cat Treats
ERA Puppy Food Promo
ERA Dog Dry Food MOP
Fish4Cats Cat Canned Food
Instinct Cat Canned Food
Instinct Dog Canned Food 360g
John's Farm Dog Treats  MOP
John's Farm Cat Treats MOP
Kiwi Kitchens Dry Food MOP
Kiwi Kitchens Booster MOP
LBP Dog Canned Food 85g
Little Big Paw 150g MOP
Open Farm Cat Canned Food MOP
Open Farm Dog Canned Food
Proteger Pet Wipes
Tiki Dog Canned Food
Tiki Cat Canned Food
Trustie Cat Litter
Trustie Tofu Cat Litter
Trustie Value Wee Pad
Trustie Playpen
Trustie Weepad
Vigor & Sage Cat Dry MOP
Vigor & Sage Dog Dry MOP