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Sport Pet


SportPet Designs started back in 2004 and has grown to be well-known for their innovative twists on basic pet accessories and supplies. Producing mainly cat toys and cat furniture and scratchers, SportPet has offices in many different countries and continues to strive to create even more authentic designs that will address your concerns as a pet parent. One of their popular brands is the Kitty City modular cat furniture which we have here at Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) as well.

At PLC, we bring you the featured products of SportPet’s wide collection including the Cat Play Cube, Caribbean Cruiser and Rocking Roller. These items provide various stimulants for your feline friend at once, and the Rocking Roller even doubles up as a scratcher and a toy – what a bang for your buck!

With their expertise in the market, SportPet Designs surpasses the governmental standard of conducting semi-annual tests and carries out daily quality and safety tests to ensure that your pet gets the best.  

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