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A brand established in the Netherlands, Vigor & Sage strives to blend both historical data and modern science to produce food that your pets will love. By utilising only natural ingredients and enhancing it with beneficial herbs, their pet food aims to support both the physical and mental well-being of your pet. Browse our collection of Vigor & Sage products below!

Vigor & Sage carries an assortment of cat food for both older cats as well as kittens. This helps to properly cater to their different digestive needs and abilities. Based on their objectives, owners can even choose from several flavours to help stimulate muscle development or improve digestion.

Dogs can also benefit from this mixture of meat and herbs from Vigor & Sage’s line of dog food as they help to improve both dental hygiene and fulfil your dog’s daily dietary needs. Recognising that pets can suffer from food allergies, all products are created to lower the chance of a negative reaction, enabling your pet to live a longer life.

By performing in-depth research into the feeding habits of both cats and dogs in the past, this highly-reviewed brand has successfully combined meat and herbs into a holistic approach to complete your pet’s diet.

Vigor & Sage Dog Dry MOP
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Vigor & Sage Dog & Cat Dry Food Promotion
Vigor & Sage Cat Dry MOP