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Sunday Pets Promotions


The name "Sunday Pets" was derived by a research that found that many people associate the word "Sunday" with positive vibes, and this is the same for our furry friends as well! Therefore, Sunday Pets' pet food and treats strive to make every day feel like Sunday for your pets. With a baked and freeze-dried menu, you will never run out of options to prepare a nutritious and savoury meal for your furry companion.

Made with premium New Zealand ingredients, the Raw Chow collection is one of the more popular freeze-dried treats from Sunday Pets which you can now easily get it in Singapore from Pet Lovers Centre outlets. Baked treats like the Holistic Grain Free Adult treats are made for pets that are 7 years and above. They are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates to ensure that your pet will age gracefully.

With these well-reviewed pet food and treats, it is no doubt that every day will feel like Sunday for your pet!


Sunday Pets Cat Dry Food Promo