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ROGZ is a global distributor of pet accessories for dogs and cats that promise to deliver only quality products for your furry friend regardless of their size. ROGZ carries a wide variety of accessories such as leashes and pet toys to even ID tags and even lounge beds for your pet to rest.

Exercise is a vital part of a pet’s well-being as it is valuable bonding time for the pet and owner as well as important for a pet’s health. To accommodate this ROGZ presents its Utility range of durable leashes to keep help to keep your pet active. With ROGZ utility step in harness, you can walk your dog safely and adjust the harness to ensure the comfort of your dog. With its reflective nylon thread, walking your dog at night is also made safer.

ROGZ also carries a range of leashes with colourful graphic prints known as the Fancy Dress range. ROGZ also carries a wide range of toys such as the Asteroidz ball, the Molecules ball and Da-Bone. All toys are made with to be ultra-light and incredibly durable. With a soft, yet firm and non-toxic construct, your dog will have a safe and fun toy to play with.

ROGZ carries a huge variety of pet accessories to keep you pet pampered. All products also come in a variety of colours, so you will definitely be able to find the product in a colour that you like.

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