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Maintaining the appearance and hygiene of your pet has become much easier with the aid of Proteger’s products. Their dog shampoos and locally-formulated wet wipes are now a must have in every pet parent’s grooming kit.

One of the greatest concerns when bringing dogs out for walks is the possibility of having dirt and other substances trapped in their paws. This unwanted matter may get ingested when your pet cleans itself, causing illness.

Proteger focuses on providing natural solutions to animal owners. These pet wipes are made from natural olive leaf extract and aloe vera, allowing dog owners to easily clean their pet’s paws while nourishing it concurrently. You need not have to worry as this product is hypoallergenic and therefore, safe for pets with sensitive skin to use. Using the wipes is also simple as each packet is resealable with a cap, making it easy to access and minimises the drying of the moist tissues inside.


Proteger dog Grooming Promo
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