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• Single source of protein for easy digestion
• Global diets to choose from
• Grain-free
• Natural and organic
• Wide range of diets

Simply natural, this is what a dog and cat nutrition specialist would describe Pronature Holistic. The nutritious dog and cat food contains a unique blend of natural herbs and plants with recognized therapeutic properties. The other main ingredients include fresh meat which is 100% Canadian, never frozen and with added vitamins and minerals that are naturally sourced. Being in pet food industry for over 40 years, we take great pride in providing high quality food for dogs and cats. Therefore you can feed your dogs or cats with confidence. What’s more, your beloved pets will be spoilt for choice to choose from our range of Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic diets. You’ll love the value we offer, your pets will love the taste.

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Pronature Cat Dry Food Promo
Pronature Cat Dry Food Promo
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