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Nano Sanitas Promotions


NanoSanitas self-produces proprietary nanoparticles to include small amounts of Nano-Silver in their products. This provides organic protection against bacteria and bugs, especially fleas and ticks. Furthermore, it boosts the healing of wounds and relieving of infections.

All NanoSanitas products are manufactured under strict quality control tests and production standards. This is to uphold their exceptional quality and exclusivity.

Pet Lovers Centre offers the following products:

• Dog shampoo and conditioner: These grooming supplies have been pH-balanced to suit the skin requirements of different genders, coat lengths and ages of dogs.

• Anti-odour spray: This non-toxic spray is designed to clean your pet’s belongings and living space to ensure that they will be clean and hygienic.

• Multi-purpose fur and skin care spray: This spray is perfect for pets with skin and coat problems. Its hypoallergenic formula allows for use on any part of your pet, including wounds.

All NanoSanitas products are hypoallergenic and suitable for human and pet use. However, do note that they are meant to be used in conjunction with pharmaceutical products, and not in replacement of them.

Nano Sanitas Dog Medication Promotion