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Menforsan Promotions


  • Clean
  • Hygienic
  • Natural ingredients
  • Exclusive formulas
  • Trusted brand

LABORATORIOS BILPER Group is a leading international company in manufacturing and marketing of highly specific chemicals with high added value. More than 40 years ago, Menforsan was set up under the division of cosmetic and hygiene products for all types of pets such as dogs, cards, birds, rodent, etc. All Menforsan products are manufactured in a 500 m2 clean room with all the parameters controlled. Our experience and expertise have made it possible for us to provide over 100 natural cosmetic and hygiene products.

We use the best prime materials and exclusive formulas and ensure that all our products are tested under pharmaceutical, veterinarian and chemical controls. It is why we can guarantee the stability, effectiveness and shelf-life of our products. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have placed their trust in us that enable us to continue to provide good quality products for the welfare of your pets.



Menforsan Dog Shampoo Promo
Menforsan Dog N Cat Medi Promo