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Founded back in 1987, M&C or Mark and Chappel aimed to meet the growing demand for high-quality pet healthcare solutions, without the need for expensive veterinarian intervention. As one of the biggest providers of pet prescription medications, snacks, flea & tick supplements in the US, M&C aims to offer a progressive and innovative solution to enhance your pet’s quality of life.

One product range offered by M&C is the Healthy Bite series. Each product from this series is specially formulated to maintain and enhance the well-being of your pet. Whether it is a nutrient-rich diet for small pets or a calcium-rich one to build strong bones and teeth for kittens, M&C is sure to offer something to meet your pet’s growing needs.

Besides pet treats, M&C VetIQ series also offers a range of products from nutrition booster tablets to teething gel for young puppies. For puppies that display hyperactivity or anxiety, M&C Serene UM Drops Calming solution can be used to naturally calm and de-stress your puppy.

M&C has always been dedicated to providing the best solution for pets whether it is through quality treats or veterinary approved and used solutions. Regardless of whether you are looking for a medical solution to your pet’s problem or just a simple nutritious treat, M&C is sure to carry something that you are looking for. Drop by your nearest Pet Lovers Centre today to find out more!