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Little Big Paw Promotions


Little Big Paw is a huge supporter of wet foods and believes that they are packed with nutrients and have huge health benefits for pets. Made with only fresh, wholesome and premium British ingredients, they have a wide array of tasty pet food and treats for both dogs and cats. If you own a small breed dog, the nutritionists at Little BigPaw have formulated recipes to tailor to their energy requirements.

All products by Little BigPaw are hypoallergenic, which means that they can also be fed to pets with sensitive stomachs. To add on, the exquisite taste will satisfy any pet, including the picky eaters. Dog treats are oven-baked to keep snacking healthy and they can even help with cleaning your dog's teeth. These cat and dog food products will not only ensure a nutritious diet for your pets but will also leave them wanting more!

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