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iti translates to "little" in Maori, and the products from this brand is specially created to cater to the needs of small pets. The team at iti noticed that small pet breeds have very different dietary needs as compared to larger breeds. What sets iti apart from other pet food brands is that their products come in bite sizes and have a higher concentration of energy. This means that only a small amount is needed to satisfy their hunger and meet their energy requirements, which helps to manage weight control.

iti's range of products include the iti Biti and Kiti which are dog and cat food respectively, and these are meant to be fed as complete meals. On the other hand, they also have other pet food made for intermittent feeding, which may include advantages such as strengthening joints and improving skin and coat health.

To top it all off, iti uses a unique "air drying" process that not only ensures natural preservation of the food to make it last longer, but also allows owners to be able to handle, store and feed with ease.

iti Cat Dry Food Promo
iti Cat Dry Food Promo
ITI Cat Dry Food
ITI Dog Dry Food