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  • Natural ingredients
  • Inner wellness
  • Outer beauty
  • Shiny coat
  • Sourced and made in USA

At Isle of Dogs, we promote health and beauty through nutrition and wellness. Such power of wellness can be achieved through nutritionally superior food, supplements and treats alongside with premium natural grooming products. Our grooming products are specially formulated and customized for your dog, depending on coat type, skin issues, and desired styles. They promote healthy, bouncy, shiny and clean coats. Perfectly balanced, they also help to relieve dry, flaky, itchy and irritated skin.

We understand that beauty goes beyond a shiny coat. That is why we develop nutritionally superior food and treats to promote wellness and beauty from within. Each recipe is a concoction of right nutritious ingredients to support strong bones and muscles, and a healthy heart. The ingredients for our treats are obtained from whole food sources with no synthetic vitamins, fillers or additives. More than skin deep, beauty is a sign of inner wellness and we have taken that beauty beyond fluff.