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Ibiyaya was a family owned business and founded in a small garage in 2002, Taiwan. This happened soon after the owner decided to relocate back to Taiwan from Australia. The family pet "Ibbi", an adorable Maltese, loves to tag along wherever the fashion owner goes. The first obstacle they faced was the busy and crowded metro life, and shopping malls were usually pet restricted.

The owner bought Ibbi a first grocery shopping cart to explore the metro life, and then gradually upgraded the 'modified' cart to a stroller and named it "IBIYAYA" - the birth of the Ibiyaya brand.

Many questions and complements received from strangers, As a result, Ibiyaya created a line of carriers and strollers that make it easy for pet owners to travel with their pets.

Family-owned and operated, Ibiyaya manufactures their products to the same SGS standards that are used for baby strollers. In addition, all products are made from virgin plastic, consolidated materials, and non-toxic fabrics. Ibiyaya introduces new products each year, many of them inspired by customer requests and suggestions.

Focusing on style as well as on pet safety and comfort, Ibiyaya is a pioneer in the luxury pet-care industry. Just within a decade, Ibiyaya has grown from a domestic garage owned company to a global company. IBIYAYA now is widely available in many countries including USA, France, UK, Italy, Poland, Brazil, China, Korea, Japan to list just a few.


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