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Canagan Promotions


Founded in August 2012, Canagan was started to recreate your pet’s tribal diet. Each recipe seeks to achieve high meat and vegetable content while being grain-free and tasty. They offer dog and cat food that do not contain any flavourings, additives and preservatives. Moreover, all ingredients have been sourced from credible suppliers to attain an optimal balance between flavour and nutrition.

The Canagan dry dog food products that we carry include
• Dental free run turkey for small breeds
• Duck, venison and rabbit
• Grass fed lamb

Most of their products are suitable for puppies, adult and senior dogs, unless otherwise stated.

We also carry their cat food products, including
• Free range chicken
• Scottish salmon

Apart from being biologically appropriate, each product has been made with love in the United Kingdom. That accounts for their many positive reviews and constant loyalty from customers.


Canagan Dog Dry Food Promo
Canagan Cat Dry Food Promo