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Aristopet Promotions


Aristopet believes that all animals should be treated with love and respect and it is important for owners to make pets feel at home. Headquartered in Spain, the team at Aristopet has innovated all sorts of pet care supplies from accessories to furniture and all kinds of pet food. They also have their very own community of Aristopeters whom they define to be individuals who pamper their pets, love them unconditionally and have an unexplainable chemistry with animals.

Here at Pet Lovers Centre, we offer the most premium range of pet care products including flea and tick shampoo and sprays and wormers to treat different types of worms. There are supplies for dogs, cats and even rabbits and it is important to follow the dosage according to the weight of your pet and other applicable factors. Tablets are also available for functions such as maintaining joint health and relieving constipation.

Made with only the best ingredients, it is no wonder that these Aristopet products receive endless positive reviews from buyers!


Aristopet Dog & Cat Flea & Tick Promo