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Applaws Promotions


Wondering where to buy Applaws' cat and dog food? Here at Pet Lovers Centre, we have a whole range of premium products from Applaws Pet Food to satisfy the cravings of your trusty companion! From dog food to cat food, the Applaws team prides themselves in producing the best pet food made with natural ingredients to boost your pet's health and welfare.

With 10 years of solid experience in the industry, it is no doubt that Applaws would receive positive reviews for both their cat and dog food. Not only do they provide a huge variety of pet food, they have also made their packaging super convenient such that pets can enjoy their meals directly from the packaging itself, helping owners to save time and effort. If you are looking for the most high-quality pet food in town, browse our collection below for endless choices!



Applaws Cat Canned Food 60g MOP
Applaws Dog & Cat Canned Food, Treats Promo
Applaws Dog Canned Food Promo
Applaws Dog Pouch Food Promo
Applaws Cat Canned Food Promo
Applaws Dog Canned Food Promo
Applaws Cat Pouch 60g MOP
Applaws Cat Canned Food 156g MOP