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Amazonia Pet Care is a brand dedicated to harvesting the natural benefits of the Brazilian rainforest to create wholesome grooming supplies for dogs and cats. They carry a wide range of products including shampoos, conditioners and sprays.

These nourishing and soothing products are created from the seeds, fruits and leaves of various types of plants. This includes aloe vera, coconut, açai berry and pitanga (Brazilian cherry). These ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals help to moisturise your pet’s coat while keeping them soft and silky.

Amazonia Pet Care understands that each pet has its own unique needs. Thus, they also cater for dogs and cats that require special grooming attention due to their dry and sensitive skin with ingredients such as oatmeal and sweet almond oil.

On top of these wonderful benefits, the brand also offers a number of grooming supplies designed to fight insects and prevent itching and shedding.

Transform your pet’s bath experience with Amazonia Pet Care’s products. Shop online at Pet Lovers Centre now!