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Ace Pet Promotions


Founded in 1945, Ace Pet has been one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of pet related goods in Taiwan for more than 60 years. The constant innovation and motivation to create better products have led to a variety of dog accessories and cat accessories for animals of all sizes.

Transporting your pet has never been easier with Ace Pets Series of animal carrier in a variety of colours and funky designs. The open top carrier features an innovative design that allows owner to put the pet either from the top or the front. This design also features an easy disassembly and assembly of the crate to facilitate cleaning.

Ace Pet also carries cat cages of various sizes to accommodate the number of cats. The cat cage with 3 board platforms is spacious, well ventilated and comes with other necessities such as water bottle and feeder to keep your cats comfortable.

Ace Pet is committed to providing high quality pet accessories to ensure that your pets can live in comfort. Visit your nearest Pet Lovers Centre today to find out more about their fantastic product line!