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Goldfish GoldMed is part of the new Tetra Medica aquarium treatment range.
This multi-purpose remedy is designed to treat the most common coldwater ornamental fish diseases.
GoldMed is effective against white spot disease, skin and gill parasites, fin rot, fungal infections and wounds.

Made in Germany

Amount of Active Ingredients Per 100ml of Solution: 1.54g of Formaldehyde.


Usage Guidelines:
Shake well before use.
The treatment cycle lasts for 5 days and begins as soon as the one-off dosage is administered on the first day.
The remedy takes effect during the four days that follow.
During treatment, please ensure that the aquarium is well aerated and do not use absorbent filter media (such as activated carbon, synthetic resin, etc.) to filter the water.
Switch off the UV clarifier.
Always ensure that the treatment is carried out whilst the tank is fully stocked to prevent any currently healthy animals from subsequently becoming infected.
Do not use Tetra Goldfish GoldMed in conjunction with any other disease remedies.
Dispense the product just once on the first day of the treatment cycle, using the scale lines (For every 10 ml) on the side of the bottle.

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