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Pro-C Probiotic gives the friendly bacteria boost your fur kid needs for good digestive support.
It features a probiotic blend that is enhanced with Vitamin C and electrolytes.
This supplement is particularly useful when animals are going through stress from veterinary treatment or a change in environment.
The probiotic assists the natural gut flora to re-establish itself while the prebiotic supplies soluble fiber.
It is also highly palatable so it can be easily added to drinking water or sprinkled on food.
- Prebiotic and probiotic formula
- Enhanced with Vitamin C
- Supports good digestive health and overall immunity
- Suitable for supporting general health of older animals.

Dextrose, sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, 0.5% short chain fructo-oligosaccharides, soluble-free prebiotic.
Vitamin C 2500 mg
Zootechnical additives- Bacillus cereus var toyoi NCIMB 40112/CNCM 1-1012 >1 X 10 7 cfu
Sensory additives - chlorophyll copper complex.

Crude protein....0.4%
Crude ash......6.3%
Crude fibre and oil 0%.

100 grams

Usage Guidelines:
For general use add 1 scoop per 200 ml of drinking water. Pro-C probiotic can also be sprinkled on food. Do not breathe dust, wash hands after use. Ensure that the lid is replaced to prevent contamination.

For further information: www.vetark.co.uk

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