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SKU : HJ-07

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Remove fish debris and waste from the bottom of your aquarium easily during water change with Rainbow Water Changing Pump!

The pump will siphon out debris from deep within aquarium gravel to give your fish a clean and healthy living environment. The pump contains a unique filter, so that it will effectively remove dirt without picking up fine gravel.

Made with high-quality, durable material, the pump will be a great tool for water changes for many years to come!
- Keeps aquarium clean
- Easy-to-use pump
- Controllable pump with unique pump filter
- Will not hurt or disturb aquarium fish.

Usage Guidelines:
The cleaner pump works like a siphon but has a squeezy hand pump to get the water flowing and is really easy to use. Simply hold one end of the cleaner pump in the Biorb and direct it towards the base. The other end has a blue hand pump which you hold over a bucket.

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