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Why use pond salts?
Whilst pond fish are not found in salt water, there are many positives for having background levels in a garden pond. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

1. Low levels of salt in ponds are recommended for the uptake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide (C02) across the gills. Stress can result in a reduction of these electrolytes and the fishes ability to get rid of C02 and ammonium (NH4).

2. Salt will also help to block nitrite up take through the gills in situations where the filter has failed, over feeding has occurred or in new ponds.

This blend of tonic salt by Waterlife is used to promote the greatest health, vitality and well-being of your koi and other pond fish. Using pond salt in your pond increases the electrolyte levels in pond water, increases the fish's natural disease resistance and improves you pond filtration's efficiency. PondSal is safe with fish, plants and filtration bacteria.

Blend of Tonic salts

10 kg

Usage Guidelines:
Use 450 grams of PondSal per 450 litres of pond water. Pre-dissolve or spread evenly across the surface of your pond.

Treat the total volume of the pond once. After that, only add PondSal to water that is being changed.

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