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Carbon Plus provides organic carbon directly for aquartic plant use that is a substitution for costly CO2 equipment.

The Carbon Plus also effectively restrains thread algae and brush algae.
We recommend using in conjuction with Color Condensed Fertilizer.
Organic liquid carbon that facilitates Fe3+ to become Fe2+ for plant absorption.
- No need for expensive CO2 equipment or refilling aluminum canisters regularly.
- Efficiently restrains thread and brush algae helping to keep your aquariums clean

Organic liquid carbon.


250 ml

Usage Guidelines:
Use in accordance to your aquarium's dimensions and plant needs. For a new aquarium or after a substantial water change, add 5 ml per 100 liters of 5 drops per 10 liters.

For regular use, add every day or every other day, each time 5 ml per 200 liters of water, 5 drops per 10 liters.

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