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Versele Laga Oropharma Ferti-Vit for Birds is a multi-vitamin mix for better fertility and vitality.
Featuring a well-balanced blend of vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements enriched with Vitamin E, Ferti-Vit should be used during the preparation of the breeding season to promote sexual drive and fertility.
It can also be used for the song of canaries and finches, in cases of laying and fertility disorder, and in cases of death in the egg.
The essential vitamin E, also called the fertility vitamin, is a strong antioxidant.
The combination of the components in Ferti-Vit is not only optimal for breeding, but will also increase the resistance to disease and helps protect the heart and muscular tissue.
- For the breeding season and in cases of laying- or fertility disorders
- Promotes sexual drive and fertility
- Increases the resistance against infections.

Made in Belgium

Sugars, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin.


Feeding Guidelines:
1 even measuring spoon (= 1g) Ferti-Vit per 250 ml drinking water or per 100g Orlux soft food/egg food.
- During the preparation for the breeding season (3 to 4 weeks) until the first egg has been laid: administer daily.
- For finches and other competition birds: three times a week during the contest season.
Store in a cool and dry place.

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