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MANON TOILET HOME (GREY) (54.5x39x39cm)


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The best for our pets and our planet, combined with a second life for plastic waste. Now that is Happy Planet by Savic, everyday comfort and a heart for the environment in one!
Discover Manon, a traditional hooded cat toilet home, made from at least 90 % post-consumer material. Furthermore, Manon has a plastic swing door and replaceable filter to get rid of any nasty odors. The toilet can easily be moved thanks to the integrated handle. The hood is fixed to the litter tray with clips that can easily be released for cleaning the tray. By using post-consumer material, we can reduce the impact on nature.

Choose Manon if you care for the environment as much as you care for your pet!

Made in Belgium


54.5 x 39 x 39cm (1250g)

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