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Provide the greatest care to brush your Foolee , do not break down because the comb is very precise, the slightest shock will damage the blade.

Use your brush on your pet's coat. Be very careful not to use it on any injuries or wounds. Be attentive to sensitive areas (mouths, genitals, anus, pads, ears, eyes ...). If in doubt, consult a veterinarian.

The brush Foolee is not meant to be used on a coat too knotted.
- Interchagneable brush desheeding steel.
- Reinforced monobloc handle. Durable, waterproof and made to last.
- Perfect and ideal angel of burshing, scientifically tested.
- Soft touch handle, gentle for users.

Extra Small (3 cm width of brush)

For dogs <5 kg

Chocolate brown

Usage Guidelines:
Brushing should be done in the direction of the hair, without pressing or forcing. Do not focus on areas already brushed, as you may make a "hole" in the coat and irritate the skin of your pet. If your pet with red skin, do not brush and possibly see a veterinarian.

It is best to wash your dog before each brushing. Use the brush on a coat Foolee clean and dry is important.

Brushing with ease and your tool will remain in perfect condition.

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