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SKU : GX041517

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Swap out the bulky, cumbersome filters for the GEX Corner Filter, which provides high-quality water filtration with excellent results.
The Power Filter features a dual-placement design that is perfect for standard aquariums and shallow tanks like those for turtles.
Its submersible motor helps minimize noise, promoting a more serene aquarium setting.
Combining activated carbon and a hard mat, it offers thorough chemical filtration, effectively removing pollutants.
The adjustable flow rate, a testament to its adaptability, allows for customized water flow to perfectly meet your fish's needs.
Its corner design optimizes tank space, preventing fish entrapment.
It can also be easily removed from the tank with a simple one-touch operation.
The GEX Corner Filter can be connected to the shower pipe to improve oxygen flow and create a healthier tank environment.
For larger aquariums requiring enhanced filtration, the Corner Filter easily links up with the GEX Multi Base Filter (Available Separately) to increase filtration capacity.


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