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SKU : PO404

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- The NOVAGUARD is hardly larger than your dog's head
- Thereby allowing to easily walk around corners and narrow passages without getting stuck.

This also saves your furniture !
- Its intelligent design fits the NOVAGUARD snuggly; it doesn't disturb by wiggling or changing position
- The dog's ears are outside the mask; it diminishes the danger of overheated ears and infections caused by that.
The dog can hear and scratch unhindered
- Therefore, it is ideal for dogs with long necks, i.e. greyhound and sloughi, as the NOVAGUARD does not drop to the dogs shoulders leaving his head partly uncovered
- The NOVAGUARD allows absolute freedom of movement
- While eating, playing and sleeping
- The NOVAGUARD individually fits with a velcro fastener and does not need a dog's neckband to be fixed
- In order to fit the NOVAGUARD to the individual length of your dog's snout, it can be shortened at the rim with a sharp knife. To support this, three different grooves have been stamped at the rim for your convenience
- The NOVAGUARD is made of polypropylene and therefore easy to be kept clean.

For 2-7 kilogram dog. Toy 11 - 13 cm

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