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AZOO NitraAct is made from concentrate long-lasting dormant bacteria powder under a dry environment and low temperature, with the highest ratio of bacteria, and can be re-generating after 8 hours within the water.
It is composed of several species of anaerobic multi-functional bacteria, with approximately 5 billion active bacteria per millilitre.
It can rapidly decompose mass pollutants in the gravel and filtration tank, eliminating bad smells, and making gravel recover to the best purification.
It can also eliminate toxic hydrogen sulfide and efficiently inhibit the growth of planaria.

Made in Taiwan


Usage Guidelines:
Add 3g per 250 liters of water when setting up a new tank. (A full spoon volume is 1g).
Use once a week, adding 1g per 250liters of water.
Recommend using NitriPro and NitraAct together to achieve the best efficiency of water purification.

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