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Cat Flaps 

Installing cat flaps in your home provides your cat with more freedom and independence to move in and out of your home for various purposes. Browse our collection of high-quality and durable cat flaps below.

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There are different kinds of cat flaps available in the market and some of them include the basic flap and the magnetic or infrared flap. The benefits of having a cat flap are straightforward – installing a cat flap in your door or wall would mean that your cat is able to go outdoors as and when he likes. This encourages him to engage in active play and get the exercise that he needs, allowing him to have better physical and mental health.

With our 4-way locking cat flap from Savic at Pet Lovers Centre, you can have the option of controlling your pet’s entry or exit to different rooms in your house and outdoors. This versatile flap can fit in doors and walls that are up to 50mm thick and is made to be huge enough (170 x 175mm) to fit any cat breed that weighs 6kg and below. At PLC, our premium quality cat flaps are sure to exceed your expectations.