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Alleva is an Italian brand that specialises in an array of completely natural pet foods for dogs and cats of all ages. The development of their delicious kibble is based on veterinary advice and is done in completely cruelty-free methods. 

To ensure the longevity and health of your beloved pet, Alleva selects only high quality, completely natural and beneficial ingredients for their products. All ingredients are steam cooked – a gentle thermal process that preserves their nutritional qualities and improves digestibility.  

Whether they are babies, adult pets or have special conditions such as lactation or pregnancy, you can definitely find a solution! They have different ranges of cat and dog food to meet their different needs, including their highly-reviewed Alleva Holistic line.  

With a shared love for pets since 1901, Alleva has spent almost 120 years in the continuous formulation and innovation of pet food. They firmly believe pets should be treated with the same respect as humans, and emulate that in the standards of their food production. 

Keep your fur children in the best health with Alleva’s highly nutritious pet kibble. Get them online at Pet Lovers Centre now!

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