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WILDA SIBERICA offers controlled organic pet care products with unique formulas inspired by the pureness of wild plants and animals from Siberia. Clean, organic and pure, WILDA SIBERICA products are based on herbs and berries gathered in the natural conditions of their growth.


The brand’s different ranges of pet shampoo, conditioners and sprays feature unique Wild Siberian herbs with special therapeutic qualities, and are known for their natural skin care benefits and beauty properties. The natural extracts used in the brand’s products are made from plants grown in organic natura siberica farms. All plants are certified by CERES, and are grown in accordance with the European organic standard and the USA National Organic Program (NOP). 

WILD SIBERICA also aim to bring positive changes to the lives of the native people of Siberia. The brand pay premium prices for wild-harvested herbs and plants to support small Siberian tribes.

Shop the range of organic pet care infused with therapeutic herbs and berries from WILDA SIBERICA now.

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