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Vetgies was created as a result of the love for dogs and the desire to make what’s best for them. In the past, rawhides have been known to be a choking hazard and may even cause digestion problems. Because of that, Vetgies made it their mission to innovate a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to rawhides.

The team has worked with pet nutritionists to formulate their pumpkin-based recipe which contains natural and wholesome ingredients. Additionally, each treat comes with added probiotics to aid digestion. Vetgies’s products are manufactured based on A1 manufacturing practices and everything is made with love! 

With the delicious flavour and appetising aroma, your dog wouldn’t be able to resist these treats! However, do take note to only feed them a maximum of once a day as these treats are rich in protein. Also, ensure that the size of treat you choose is ideal for your dog's size and age as well.

Pet Lovers Centre carries a variety of Vetgies dog treats with flavours such as blueberry, peanut butter, apple and sweet potato. Grab these highly-reviewed treats online today!

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