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Royal cat litter is specially formulated to pamper your feline friends. Made with luxurious French perfumes, these premium products will make it easy to litter train your kitten.

With so many options on the market, it is often a challenge to pick the right one. Here are some of the qualities of a good cat litter for you to use as a guideline:

• Safe for pet parents and cats to use
• Efficient absorption and clumping
• Odour-free
• Has deodorisation properties
• Easy to clean
• Does not require much to do the job

Having said that, the best indication to whether your cat likes the litter is that he does not deliberately avoid it. You may want to get a few litters to test if your pet likes the texture and smell. All Royal products are made with the best-quality bentonite, which is 100% safe for cats. They also boast the aforementioned qualities and come in two popular fragrances - Hawaiian Breeze and Enchanting Earthen which we have at Pet Lovers Centre. Shop with us now!

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