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Amy N Carlo Promotions


With the simple common objective of providing customers with high-quality pet products, Amy and Carol are two animal lovers who strive to offer only the best for your beloved pets. Pursuing perfection in their pet toys and accessories, all products are guaranteed to be crafted with the best materials and intriguing designs to attract your pet cat or dog.

To appeal to the different preferences of your furry friends, Amy N Carol has released different series of pet toys such as the Big Foot, Breakfast and Geometry Series. These toys are designed with vibrant colours and based on relatable objects like donuts and mushrooms. On top of that, they also carry cat teasers in many different designs - a must-have for all cat owners! Cat teasers allow for more interactive play with your pet and brings out their natural instincts.

Whether you are aiming to promote healthy gum and teeth development or simply to bond with your pet, our Amy N Carol collection definitely has something for your pet!

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