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Clear Fast is a responsive fast acting formula that will clear turbid water in 1 to 3 hours. Suspended floating particles such as dirt, silt, fine sand, etc., too small to be removed by filtration are clumped together by a unique ionic attraction that forms larger particles that are easily trapped.

Cloudy aquarium water in new aquariums; as a result of tank disturbances; after aquarium maintenance; new gravel introduction; suspended organic and in organic particles are all easily clarified by Clear Fast.


-Clears cloudy aquarium water by precipitating organic and inorganic particles
-Fast acting, results in crystal clear water
-Safe for all aquarium inhabitants
-Works in 1 to 3 hour
-For freshwater use only

120 ml

Usage Guidelines:
Shake well before using.

Dose at 2.5 mL per 10 gallons. Do not overdose. Ensure good filtration. Water clarification is usually visible within the first 3 hours.

For optimum results place polyester filter wool or pad in the filter and remove it when the water has cleared.

If the water remains cloudy after 24 hours, repeat the initial dosage. Keep the aquarium well aerated during treatment.

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