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Vitalmix is the vital mix your pet need for an optimal nutritional boost!
It contains a blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support healthy immune system and circulatory functions, and inhibit ailments.
It is also enhanced with whey, fish protein and whole eggs for a protein boost.
Plus, these tablets are designed to be tasty to make it easier for you to feed.

Made in USA


Amino acids Amount (mg)
Alanine 29.6
Arginine 19.9
Aspartic acid 75.8
Cystine 18.7
Glycine 13.9
Histidine 14.4
Isoleucine 43.7
Leucine 74.9
Lysine 65.5
Methionine 15
Phenylalanine 22.8
Proline 44.2
Serine 38.4
Threonine 49.2
Tryptophan 12.1
Tyrosine 21.2
Valine 40.4
Taurine 15
L- Carnitine 15
Minerals Amount
Calcium 21.6mg
Phosphorus 18mg
Iron 1.8mg
Copper 54 mcg
Zinc 1.35mg
Iodine 41.4 mcg
Potassium 28.6mg
Manganese 54mcg
Selenium 2.97mcg
Magnesium 900mcg
Vitamins Amounts
Vitamin A 144 IU
Vitamin D3 10.8 IU
Vitamin E 1.44IU
Vitamin C 1.8mcg
Vitamin B1 180mcg
Vitamin B2 226mcg
Vitamin B6 180 mcg
Vitamin B12 9mcg
Pantothenic acid 540mcg
Niacinamide 540mcg
Folic Acid 3.6mcg
Inositol 1.08mg
Biotin 4.5mcg
Choline 2.16mg

Other ingredients:
Natural flavourings, whey, stearic acid, maltodextrin, dicalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, powdered cellulose, whole egg powder, sunflower oil powder, fish protein concentrate


Crude Protein min 27%
Crude Fat min 9%
Crude Fibre max 3%
Moisture max 10%

360 tabs

Usage Guidelines:

Small dogs & cats: 1 tablet daily
Mid sized dogs (20-40lbs) 2 tablets daily
Larger dogs (41-60lbs) 3 tablets daily
Large dogs (61-80lbs) 4 tablets daily
Very large dogs (81-100lbs) 5 tablets daily
Giant breeds (over 100-150lbs) 6-7 tablets daily.

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