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The ultra-strong litter Chipsi Ultra acts ultra absorbent, ensures a drier cage and a better fragrance.

In the capillary system of the softwood plant fibers this rodent friendly beddings traps odor and moisture inside keeping your pet's cage smelling fresh and dry for a longer period of time.

In addition, a special production process makes the Ultra Trust almost dust-and germ-free. And best of all very light to carry!

The litter our Chipsi program is a natural product made from 100% renewable plant fiber raw materials without artificial chemical additives. For the production of CHIPSI products, we use only the finest plant fibers obtained from untreated domestic fir and spruce. These plant products continue to accumulate. Their utilization is the preservation of natural, healthy forests and ensures sustainability.

-Granular bedding for small animals
-100% renewable plant fibers
-100% biodegradable
-Almost dust-free and sterile
-In eco-friendly paper bags

9.0 kilograms (20 L)

Usage Guidelines:
Use as beddings. Ideal and recommended litter depth: ca. 3 cm
Clean your pet's cage regularly and replace beddings as and when needed.

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