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Build a thriving and mature biofiltration system in your tank with AZOO ULTRA BIOGUARD!

This water additive contains a high concentration of aerobic and anaerobic probiotics. It contains 7 different strains of beneficial bacteria that can quickly set up a beneficial biofiltration system in your tank.
- High concentration of aerobic and anaerobic probiotics
- Prevents water contamination
- Reduces algae growth.

Made in Taiwan

- Bifidobacterium Longum 25%
- Leuconostoc Mesenteroides 15%
- Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 15%
- Bacillus Pumilus 15%
- Bacillus Natto 15%
- Purple- non-sulfur Bacteria 15%.


Usage Guidelines:
- Shake well before use.
- New tank: first time use, add 30 ml per 100L of water.
- New filter media and aquarium gravel: evenly pour 10 ml on 1L of dry filter media or gravel. Let sit for 5 minutes for complete absorption, then add water.
- Water change and routine maintenance: add 10-15 ml per 100L of water each week.
- Emergency treatment of water quality: perform a 1/3 water change, then add 40 ml per 100L of water.
- One full cap is equal to 20ml. Inner cap is equal to 5ml.

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