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Play-engineered for your furry MVP, the transformative Tug-a-Ball combines multiple play patterns for a never-before-seen interactive dog toy.
Use the durable rings on this 2-in-1 toy for a thrilling tug toy for dogs or lock them into place to create an exciting ball that rolls and bounces unpredictably.
Designed in colours that are highly visible to our four-legged friends, this blue and yellow dog toy will capture your pup's attention and keep them entertained for hours.
Plus, it's perfect for solo or team play and keeps dogs occupied indoors or outdoors.
Tug smarter, roll crazier, and play harder with the original Tug-a-Ball dog toy!
- 2-in-1 tug toy for dogs with rings that lock together to form a bouncy ball
- Tug these durable rings or turn them into a high-bouncing, crazy-rolling ball
- Perfect for solo or team play
- Can be used indoors or outdoors
- Specially designed in high-visibility colours for dogs
- Interactive dog toy intended for large dogs.

Made in USA

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